Clubs, Societies & Guilds

The information in this section is the best information that ISM had been able to obtain at the time of going to press. The more extended entries are based on responses to ISM’s questionnaire sent to clubs worldwide. The shorter entries are limited to ISM’s latest contact-information.

Telephone numbers are listed as if being dialled from abroad — that is, preceded by the international access code in brackets thus (+nn). Within the country concerned, replace the international access code with the national access code (usually, 0).

Club NameCountryISM Affiliated
Club Argentina MeccanoArgentinaNoView Details
Meccano Club MendozaArgentinaNoView Details
Maylands Meccano & Hobbies ClubAustraliaNoView Details
Melbourne Meccano Club Inc.AustraliaYesView Details
South East Queensland Meccano Group (SEQMG)AustraliaNoView Details
British Columbia Meccano Modelers CanadaNoView Details
Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano and Allied Systems (CMAMAS)CanadaNoView Details
Meccano-QuebecCanadaNoView Details
CAM (Club Des Amis Du Meccano)FranceYesView Details
Freundeskreis MetallbaukastenGermanyNoView Details
Meccano Gilde Nederland (Dutch Meccano Guild)NetherlandsYesView Details
G.A.M.M. (Gruppo Amatori Modellismo Meccanico)ItalyNoView Details
New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers (NZFMM)New ZealandYesView Details
Auckland Meccano GuildNew ZealandNoView Details
Christchurch Meccano ClubNew ZealandNoView Details
MWT Meccano ClubNew ZealandNoView Details
Wellington Meccano ClubNew ZealandNoView Details
The Meccano Club Of South AfricaSouth AfricaNoView Details
Asociacion Cultural España de Acficionados a Los Mecanos (ACEAM)SpainNoView Details
Club Meccano de CatalunyaSpainYesView Details
Amateure für Metallmodellbau in der Schweiz (AMS)SwitzerlandYesView Details
Atlantic Coast Meccano Enthusiasts/Engineers (ACME)United KingdomNoView Details
Henley Society of Meccano Engineers (HSME)United KingdomNoView Details
Holy Trinity Meccano Club (HTMC)United KingdomYesView Details
Meccano Society of ScotlandUnited KingdomNoView Details
Midlands Meccano GuildUnited KingdomNoView Details
North East London Meccano Club (NELMEC)United KingdomNoView Details
North Eastern Meccano SocietyUnited KingdomNoView Details
North Midlands Meccano GuildUnited KingdomNoView Details
North West Meccano GuildUnited KingdomNoView Details
Runnymede Meccano GuildUnited KingdomNoView Details
Sheffield Meccano GuildUnited KingdomYesView Details
Solent Meccano ClubUnited KingdomNoView Details
South Birmingham Meccano ClubUnited KingdomNoView Details
South East London Meccano ClubUnited KingdomNoView Details
South West Meccano ClubUnited KingdomNoView Details
Telford & Ironbridge Meccano Society (TIMS)United KingdomYesView Details
West London Meccano Society (WLMS)United KingdomYesView Details
Southern California Meccano & Erector ClubUnited States of AmericaNoView Details
Meccano Modellers AssociationAustraliaYesView Details
TEAMS The East Anglian Meccano SetUnited KingdomNoView Details