Club Details

Club: New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers (NZFMM)
Country: New Zealand
ISM Affiliated: Yes

New Zealand based (financial) subscribers to the NZFMM magazine automatically become members of the New Zealand Federation of Meccano Modellers. The NZFMM magazine is the instrument by which New Zealand Clubs disseminate individual New Zealand Club news, happenings, events, model plans and general information as well as providing international news and articles. The NZFMM magazine is a vaaluable resource and is available to overseas subscribers on payment of an annual magazine subscription. The NZFMM magazine is published four (4) times each year and the subscription period begins in April of each year. A ‘General Meeting’ of New Zealand members is generally held prior to the official dinner held during the two yearly ‘New Zealand Federation Modellers’ Convention’. (Next meeting scheduled for Easter 2015).

President: Neil Pluck
32 Harrow Street, Phillipstown, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
T: (+64) 03 3898134

Treasurer: Peter Hancock (ISM382)
PO Box 39085, Howick, Auckland 2145, New Zealand
T: (+64) 09 5355355

Contact for correspondence and magazine subscriptions: Peter Hancock

Publications: NZFMM Magazine issued quarterly
Subscription Rates: New Zealand subscribers NZ$32 (Membership);
Overseas: AU$31, CAN$34, US$33, GB£21 and EURO€24 (magazine only)
PDF version of the magazine NZ$10, AU$9, CAN$9, US$9, GB£6, EU€7

NZFMM Magazine Editor: Les Megget (ISM942)
231 Opaheke Road, RD4, Papakura, South Auckland 2584, New Zealand
T: (+64) 9 2996668

Magazine copy: Forward to Les Meggett (ISM942)
NZFMM Web Site:
Webmasters: William Irwin (ISM185) and Gary Higgins (ISM10)