Club Details

Club: Holy Trinity Meccano Club (HTMC)
Country: United Kingdom
ISM Affiliated: Yes

The oldest Meccano Club, originally founded in 1919 affiliated to the Meccano Guild. Refounded in 1971 by Stuart Wilson and Peter Matthews. Around 50 members, mainly from the south-east of England. Club meetings: Twice a year, normally on the fourth Saturday of April and the fourth Saturday of October, at St John’s Church Hall, Hildenborough, Kent. Meccano traders attend. The Henley Gathering (see HSME entry) also counts as one of the HTMC Club Meetings.

President: Jim Cass
Chairman and Treasurer: Richard Payn (ISM 764), E:
Secretary: Brian Pike
Contact for correspondence: Brian Pike, Stream Cottage,
Coggins Mill, Mayfield, E Sussex TN20 6UP
T: (+44) 1435 873 367 E:
Publication: HTMC Newsletter, published twice a year.
Membership: Annual subscription £10. Contact Brian Pike or Richard Payn.