Club Details

Club: South East London Meccano Club
Country: United Kingdom
ISM Affiliated: No

Holds four club meetings and a public exhibition each year at Falconwood
Community Centre, 31–39 Falconwood Parade, Falconwood, London, DA16 2PG.
The club AGM is in January, the Geoff Carter Cup and Adrian Ashford Award
competitions are held biennially in June, and the public Meccano Show is in
October. Other local events are supported.

There is a Secretary's Challenge at every meeting. The club has a membership of 60 and has been existence since 1976. (The website is updated after each meeting - please check for details).

Chairman: Brian Leach
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Treasurer:Peter Clay
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Webmaster/Show Organiser: Tim Surtell
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Secretary, Founder, News Editor and contact for correspondence: Chris Warrell, 36 Allenswood Road, Eltham, London SE9 6RP
T: (+44) 20 8856 0148

Publication: SELMEC NEWS. The colourful newsletter is published 4 times a year.

Membership: annual adult/family subscription only £ 10.00 – and you get a free badge!