Club Details

Club: Southern California Meccano & Erector Club
Country: United States of America
ISM Affiliated: No

Worldwide membership. General membership meetings: four times a year

President: Joel Perlin (ISM 409)
Secretary: Anton Calleia (ISM 1017)
Treasurer: Anton Calleia (ISM 1017)
Contact for correspondence: Anton Calleia
PO Box 130213, Carlsbad, California 92013-0213
WebMaster: Phillip Edwards (ISM 311) E:
Publication: Meccano & Erector Club Newsletter
Editor: Anton Calleia (contact details as above)
Membership: One-time initiation fee of US$10 to cover cost of Membership Directory and badge. Annual subscription: US residents US$15; Canada and Mexico US$16; Overseas US$17.