Club Details

Club: Canadian Modeling Association for Meccano and Allied Systems (CMAMAS)
Country: Canada
ISM Affiliated: No

A Canada-wide organisation (with extension into the United States) of enthusiasts whose interest lie in metal construction systems, principally Meccano, secondarily US Erector, and other systems.

President: Colin Hoare (ISM 669)
Vice-President: Attila Szakonyi (ISM 597)
Secretary: Frank Curry
Treasurer: Mike Sobanski

Contact for correspondence: Frank Curry
8 Windham Drive, Toronto ON, M2K 1X8, Canada

Publications: Canadian MeccaNotes published quarterly
Editor: David Williams
3017-111A St. Edmonto, AB T6J 3Y5, Canada
T: (+1) 780 438 1197

Product Manager: David Duncan

Membership: Annual Subscription - Canada CA$45 USA US$54. Rest of world: CA$77; US$75; £52. Contact: Frank Curry, 8 Windham Drive, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M2K 1X8 or to subscribe electronically, either via PayPal or, in Canada only, by Interac e-mail Money Transfer contact Colin Hoare at