Supplier Details

Supplier: Ashok Banerjee
ISM Member Number: 31
Address: PO Box 4149
Ahmedabad 380 009
Country: India
Telephone: (+91) 79 2675 2974 or (+91) 79 2685 1328
Fax: (+1) 610 545 1613

Manufacturer of 1100+ high-quality standard, obsolete, and special model-building metal and plastic parts including Elektrikit and X-Series components. Motorized 10-Sets and 9-Sets complete with augmented contents provided in R/G, B/Y/Z and B/Y with handcrafted wooden cabinet/chest made to precise original measurements. Worldwide distribution with dealers in 10 countries including the UK, France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Parts have been shipped to 37 countries on all five continents