Supplier Details

Supplier: Stan Baker
ISM Member Number: 960
Address: 7 Oceanview Terrace
Tirohanga Lower Hutt
Wellington 5010
Country: New Zealand
Telephone: (+64) 21 421 750 mobile (+64) 4 566 7150 fixed

Australasian Agent for Ashok Banerjee’s replica parts, and supplies to customers globally. Complete range in most common finishes held in the region for ex stock delivery. Also stock the highly rated NZMecc range of motors, Reversing and multi-channel wireless remote control and radio control proportional systems, Ball bearing fitted parts, Bowden cables made to length, Ashtray tyres, Li-ion and Li-Po batteries with holders, etc. Pricelists in either Aus$ and NZ$. Pay by direct transfer to Australian or NZ bank account or by Paypal globally.